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At Senso Senso, you have the opportunity to undergo psychological consultations and therapy, as well as individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults in English.

A psychological consultation is a meeting with a professional in the field of psychology aimed at diagnosing, understanding, and supporting specific psychological or emotional issues. During the consultation, the individual has the opportunity to discuss their problems, feelings, or concerns, while the psychologist analyzes the situation and provides support or referrals for further diagnostics or specialist care if needed. Before starting any therapeutic intervention (individual, couples, or group therapy), a consultation is necessary to identify needs and propose the most effective support for the client's reported difficulties.

The number of consultation sessions depends on the individual needs of the client.

Duration of consultation: 50 minutes

Price: 250 PLN

What you need to know: It's advisable to bring any diagnostic documentation, opinions from educators, psychologists, or school counsellors (in the case of children and adolescents), as well as descriptions and recommendations if the client is under the care of other specialists.

For consultations involving children and adolescents up to 16 years old, only the parents or guardians are invited to the first consultation session with the psychologist.

Individual Psychoterapy

Individual psychotherapy involves personal meetings between the therapist and the client, during which personal challenges, feelings, and emotional issues are discussed. The therapeutic session is a safe space where those in need of support can work on themselves, and develop, and acquire tools to cope with life's difficulties.

Psychotherapy is a long-term form of therapeutic support, effective only in the case of systematic, cyclical work. The length of the therapeutic cycle and frequency of sessions always depend on the client's possibilities and needs, as well as the therapeutic approach.

Duration of the therapeutic session: 50 minutes

Price: 220 PLN

How to register: Registration can be done by contacting the reception; by phone at 535 799 506 or via email at

Before starting individual psychotherapy, a consultation is required.

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